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Steve Jobs

He will be missed.

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Important Words from John Gruber

Here it is folks — go read it. Steve Jobs picked the word demoted and it is just right. It seems he has been looking towards this day for slightly more than a decade if you read into this clip a bit.

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Nobody Expected It

Steve Jobs makes a surprise appearance to introduce the iPad 2. Right about now, many of you are already enjoying your new iPad 2 or eagerly anticipating one to arrive in the coming weeks. As someone who is interested in technology but also someone who is interested in stories and characters, I have to recognize one of the most unexpected comebacks of all time. We have seen crowds and massive online orders for Apple devices before, but for the iPad 2, a sequel device, the response it is receiving is unbelievable. Mere mortals† do not react this way.

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Mobile Webkit Text Size

I discovered a small problem over the past few weeks refining layout and typeface details on this site. One of the mysteries that came up was an odd type size “glitch” on mobile Safari. After pouring through Apple’s documentation and searching around I found my answer, though I am still not 100% satisfied with my solution.

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Apple History (Theo Gray 2005)

Steve Jobs introduces Theo Gray at WWDC 2005 to demo porting Mathematica. If you are not already aware, let me make this clear, I am a Mathematica addict. I do a lot of my research using this tool, including prep for my day job as a Gaffer. Yes, I use math to make my professional life easier. Take a look at this very humorous video of Theo Gray demoing the Apple transition from the PowerPC architecture to Intel.

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