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Sci-Fi Heist Films are Awesome

Frank and Robot share a moment.

About a year ago this month, I had the pleasure of gaffing a feature film called Robot & Frank. This was one of the most challenging shoots and simultaneously one of the most amazing scripts and rewarding projects I have ever gaffed. Much congratulations and thanks to the production team and especially the film’s cinematographer, Matthew Lloyd.

The film’s plot is very simple: set about twenty years in the future, a senile old man who happens to be a retired jewel thief is given a robot caretaker by his son. When our hero thief gets frustrated by the boring lifestyle imposed by the robot he decides to teach the robot a few tricks from his past: lock picking, safe cracking, etc. Frank discovers that Robot is the best accomplice he has ever encountered not just due to his skills and speed but because he can be ordered not to speak of covert endeavours… so they set out together… on a crime spree. Starring Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, Liv Tyler, James Marsden, and Peter Sarsgaard (as the voice of Robot).

Take a look when this hits theaters! Here is the first official trailer (please watch in high definition and full screen) and the official website to get you excited.

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