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Some Projects are Perfect — Pitch Perfect

This is one of the blog posts I’ve been most excited to publish. Last year I migrated from New York City to take up residence (temporarily) in Lousiana to gaff a feature film called Pitch Perfect. There is a lot to discuss and I will reveal more when I am given the opportunity. A very special thank you to Julio Macat ASC for bringing me aboard as his gaffer on the project. Read on for details and the first trailer.

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Sci-Fi Heist Films are Awesome

About a year ago this month, I had the pleasure of gaffing a feature film called Robot & Frank. This was one of the most challenging shoots and simultaneously one of the most amazing scripts and rewarding projects I have ever gaffed. Much congratulations and thanks to the production team and especially the film’s cinematographer, Matthew Lloyd. Read on for details and the trailer.

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The Ice Company That Never Made Refrigerators

So it looks as though the rumors of Kodak’s chapter eleven are true.

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Engage in High Defininition

Finally someone up in the studio system sky has decided to bestow upon Star Trek: The Next Generation the same treatment that was given to the original Star Trek from the 1960s. I am very excited… along with all other self-respecting geeks. Star Trek: The Next Generation broke new ground for television but also nailed what good sci-fi can be.

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They Give Us Those Nice Bright Colors

The title of this post refers to lyrics of a song by Simon and Garfunkel but the subject of this post is a bit more somber. A few years ago Kodak decided to discontinue Kodachrome. Those of us who shot slide film for many years either learning photography or working professionally know how rich of an image was achievable using Kodachrome film and Cibachrome prints. Both are gone now. In my daily professional life, it seems film use in general is dwindling with the popularity of Red Digital Cinema’s cameras, Arri’s Alexa, Sony’s various (beastly) cameras, etc.

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